Choosing Motor Oil: Which Is Right for You?

Choosing Motor Oil In Paducah, KY
Changing The Oil Is Important To Your Car’s Health

Choosing Motor Oil

Changing your oil regularly is one of the best ways to maintain your car. However, there are several types of motor oil now on the market. In particular, you’ll have to choose between various viscosities, a measure of thickness, and between regular and synthetic oils. Below are some tips on choosing motor oil that’s right for your car.

Does It Meet The Standards?

One of the steps in choosing the right oil, according to Popular Mechanics, is to make sure it meets the standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API). Oils that meet API standards are marked on the label of the container. You should also check to see that your oil has passed the Energy Conserving test, a test measured by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Types Of Oil

Next, choose between conventional or synthetic oils. Most conventional oils are made from a combination or recycled oil and refined petroleum. This type of oil has been in use for years, and it lasts roughly three months or 3,000 miles. Synthetic oils are specially designed in laboratories, and they often contain more durable compounds and detergents. These last about five months or 5,000 miles.


Finally, choose the right viscosity, or thickness.  There are two numbers that show you this. For instance, 10W-30 can be broken down like this: “10” is the thickness at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (“W” stands for winter) while the “30” is the thickness at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. So, 20W-50 has more viscosity than 10W-30. You typically want thicker oil so it better coats the engine, but oil that is too thick will slow movement. The 5W rating is usually recommended for winter, while 10W is good for summer.

We at Chip Wynn Motors hope this helps. And remember, a simple oil change can keep your used car running longer.

Simple Tips to Help Prepare Your Car for Winter

Prepare Your Car for Winter
The end of fall is in sight, which means the coldest time of the year is just around the corner. Here’s how to prepare your car for the winter.

The end of fall is in sight, which means the coldest time of the year is just around the corner. While most people are getting ready for the holiday season, it’s also a time to get your car ready for the coming months. Here’s how to prepare your car for the winter.

First, it’s important that you get your car ready for the onslaught of salt that comes when it snows. As salt destroys paint and causes rust, you need to take steps to prevent damage. In the beginning of the winter, wash and wax your car thoroughly to keep the salt from damaging the body of your car. Do this every month or two throughout the winter.

Once you’ve treated your car, prepare an emergency kit for your vehicle. In the event of an accident in the snow, there are certain things that you will want and need. In an accessible part of your car, put together a kit with items like road flares, food, an extra cell phone or battery, as well as a blanket and change of clothes. These simple items could save your life.

By following these few simple steps, you protect your vehicle for the long haul and keep yourself safe.