Celebrate National Picnic Month at these Fantastic Locations in Kentucky

Picnic Places in Kentucky
Since August is known as National Picnic Month, we have compiled a useful list of some of the best picnic places in Kentucky.

Kentucky is a beautiful state. And, one of the best ways to enjoy natural beauty is by enjoying a picnic. August is known as National Picnic Month and here are some of the best picnic places in Kentucky.

  • Dinosaur World. Enjoy a family picnic with a prehistoric twist by visiting Dinosaur World near Mammoth Cave National Park.
  • Columbus Belmont State Park. Catch a glimpse of the mighty Mississippi River while having some family fun at this beautiful state park. There are numerous on-site fire pits available to enjoy a hot lunch.
  • Kentucky Lake. Head down to Kentucky Lake and rent a pontoon boat. Your family is guaranteed to enjoy a picnic lunch on this pristine body of water.
  • Noble Park. If you don’t want to travel far for your picnic. Stay at home in Paducah and visit Noble Park. After you eat, there will be plenty to do, including playgrounds, basketball courts, the Greenway Trail, view of the lake, and more.
  • Ohio River. While there might not be much green space along the Ohio River here in Paducah, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the river. Head down to The Foot of Broadway—there is a small assortment of picnic tables, benches, and stairs to enjoy the view of the river.

Best Used Cars for College Students

Used Cars for College
Since most students don’t have the budget for a new car, check out some of the best used cars for college that will fit right in on any campus.

All across the country, thousands upon thousands of students are gearing up to head off to college. Whether it’s their first year or their last, having a car on campus can be a great benefit. However, most students don’t have the budget for a new car. Here are some of the best used cars for college that will fit right in on any campus.

  • Mazda 3. This little car is available in either sedan or hatchback form. It delivers sharp styling, lots of features, and respectable fuel efficiency.
  • Kia Soul. Young drivers appreciate a car with style, and there’s nothing quite like the Kia Soul. Its boxy styling gives it a spacious interior and it comes loaded with technology.
  • Honda Fit. Versatility is the name of the game for this subcompact hatchback. It comes with a surprisingly roomy interior, delivers excellent fuel efficiency, and unmatched reliability.
  • Ford Edge. For students who prefer a taller driving position, the Edge delivers that and so much more. It has earned top safety recommendations numerous times and comes with a lot of desirable features.

Here at Chip Wynn, we have an ever-changing inventory of excellent used cars. We frequently have many of these models available. Stop by today and we’ll help you find the perfect car to head to college.