Start the Year Off Right with These New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

Resolutions for Your Car
As you begin to consider your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to also think about these New Year’s resolutions for your car.

It’s that time of year again: time to promise yourself that you’ll make a big change this year, in the form of a New Year’s resolution. While getting in shape, reading more books, and spending more time outside are each valiant ideas, we have a few more proposals for you.

This year, consider one of these New Year’s resolutions for your car:

  • Keep a written log of every time you get your oil changed, and always get it changed on time.
  • Keep the inside of your car clean, by never leaving garbage behind when you exit the vehicle.
  • Keep the outside of your vehicle clean, and get some exercise while doing it by washing it on your own.
  • Learn more about your tires, how to check on their tread, and how to re-inflate them on your own.
  • Save gas money while lowering your carbon footprint by carpooling with co-workers, friends, and family.
  • And lastly, vow to never text and drive this year. It can wait!

And if you’d like to start 2016 with a new vehicle entirely, visit us anytime at Chip Wynn Motors.

Toyota Turns Trash into Electricity at Georgetown Plant

Trash Into Electricity
In an effort to turn trash into electricity, Toyota has plans of burning methane from the Central Kentucky Landfill in Georgetown.

Waste and energy are two of the major problems we face in the world today. So why not strike two birds with one stone? That’s the question Toyota is asking and that it will put to the test at its manufacturing plant in Georgetown, Kentucky.

The automaker plans to turn trash into electricity by burning methane from the Central Kentucky Landfill in Georgetown. It installed a generator at the dump that burns the methane and sends electric power to the manufacturing plant via a six-mile transmission line.

When it goes online, Toyota says the system will be able to produce one megawatt of electricity per hour, but that it can be upgraded to output 10 megawatts per hour. This is just one part of the automaker’s goal to reduce the average emissions of its cars by 90% by 2050 compared to 2010.

“The landfill gas generator represents the kind of thinking that our company is asking us to do to reduce our carbon footprint over the next 35 years,” said Kevin Butt, Toyota’s general manager for environment strategies.

So if you want to support a brighter, greener future, come support Toyota at Chip Wynn Motors!

31 MPG Highway Makes Colorado Duramax the Most Fuel-Efficient Pickup Truck

Most Fuel-Efficient Pickup Truck
The EPA rated the 2016 Colorado Duramax at 22 mpg city, 31 mpg highway, and 25 mpg combined, making it the most fuel-efficient pickup truck.

Following the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal, all eyes were on the new 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax, which underwent stricter testing by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to determine its emissions and fuel economy numbers.

And, to no one’s surprise at Chip Wynn Motors, Chevrolet isn’t Volkswagen. The results were more than just good: the EPA rated the 2016 Colorado Duramax at 22 miles per gallon city, 31 mpg highway, and 25 mpg combined for the two-wheel drive model.

That’s good enough to take the title of “most fuel-efficient pickup truck” away from the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, which only gets up to 29 mpg highway and 24 mpg combined. When you put it all together, thanks to the Colorado Duramax’s 21-gallon tank, you’ll be able to go up to 651 miles before needing to stop for gas!

“The new Duramax diesel engine gives customers another choice for handling heavier work and recreational needs—while doing it efficiently,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing. “It’s the very definition of GMC’s professional grade ethos.”

Best Used Cars for Teens

Best Used Cars for Teens
If you are considering buying a car for your teen so you can be less of a chauffeur, then here is a list of some of the best used cars for teens.

When your teenager reaches driving age, you probably have mixed emotions. You feel proud that they are gaining some independence, yet also scared out of your mind that they are gaining some independence. If you are considering buying a car for your teen so you can be less of a chauffeur, you don’t want to spend a fortune, but you also want to make sure it is safe.

These cars are recommended by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) because they perform well in crash tests, are equipped with electronic stability control, and all cost less than $20,000. Out of about 150 on their list, there are even a lot of models in the under $10,000 category (80 on the list) and under $5,000 category (19 on the list). Here are just some highlights.

$5,000 or Less

  • Volvo XC90 model year 2005 and newer.
  • Hyundai Azera model year 2006-2011.
  • Hyundai Sonata model year 2006-2010.
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan model year 2005-2008.

Between $5,000 and $10,000

  • Ford Fusion model year 2010 and newer.
  • Chevrolet Malibu model year 2010 and newer.
  • Subaru Forester model year 2009 and newer.
  • Dodge Journey model year 2010 and newer.

Between $10,000 and $20,000

  • Ford F-150 crew cab model year 2011 and newer.
  • GMC Acadia model year 2011 and newer.
  • Mazda6 model year 2014 and newer.
  • Toyota Camry model year 2012 and newer.

Here at Chip Wynn, our inventory is constantly changing, but we frequently have many of these models in stock. Give us a call and tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find the perfect safe used car for your teen.

How to Host a Successful Thanksgiving Dinner

Successful Thanksgiving Dinner
If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year, then here are some tips on how to host a successful Thanksgiving dinner.

November is here, which means it’s time to start planning for Thanksgiving. If you are hosting the holiday at your house this year, whether for the first time, or the twentieth, it’s time to get ready. Here are some tips on how to host a successful Thanksgiving dinner.

According to, since we’re less than four week away from Thanksgiving, you already need to invite your guests, finalize your menu, create a shopping list, get any cooking gear you’ll need, finalize your décor, order your turkey, and make your cooking plan (plan out what you’ll cook when).

Later this week (when we’re three weeks out), you should clean out your cupboards to make room for new ingredients, buy all nonperishable supplies, and take care of any in-home projects you wanted to accomplish (paint the dining room, get new guest towels, etc.).

Two week ahead of the big day, you can start cooking! First, however, you’ll need to clean out your freezer to make some room. Good items you can make this far ahead include pie dough, bread, and turkey stock.

Over the next week and half, you will need to prepare your house, especially if you’ll be having house guests. This means you should have clean sheets and towels for your guests, polish the silver (if you have any you’ll be using), clean out the fridge, and start thawing your turkey if it’s frozen (it takes about 5 hours per pound to thaw).

The day or two before Thanksgiving you can start doing some hardcore baking. This includes the pies, or simple side dishes that can be reheated in the microwave, like mashed potatoes. If you’re brining your turkey, leave it in the brine overnight.

Once Thanksgiving Day has arrived, plan on baking and cooking until mealtime. Be sure to put your turkey in the oven nice and early so it has plenty of time to cook. Also, don’t forget to take out any items you placed in the freezer, like bread, so they can thaw on the counter.

Will you be hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year?

How to Change a Flat Tire with Ease

How to Change a Flat Tire
Being stuck with a flat tire is an invariably unpleasant experience, but you’ll make matters quite a bit better by knowing how to change a flat tire.

Being stuck with a flat tire is an invariably unpleasant experience, but you’ll make matters quite a bit better by knowing what to do when the time comes to change out your flat and put on your spare. To help you out, we’ve detailed just how to change a flat tire below.

First thing’s first: you’ll need to have a few essential tools on-hand if you want to change your tire. Be sure to keep all of the following in your vehicle just in case you should need to change a flat in a pinch: lug wrench, jack, spare tire, flashlight, gloves, and spare lug nuts. The DMV also recommends tire blocks, tire gauge, a tarp or mat for kneeling, and a poncho in case of inclement weather. Fix-a-flat™ and a portable tire inflator is also recommended for instances where a flat can be temporarily repaired.

On the occasion of getting a flat, pull off on the side of the road and try to make sure that you’re parked on as level a surface as possible. Turn on your hazard lights (particular if it’s dusk or later), and retrieve the tools from your trunk.

First, loosen the lug nuts on the offending wheel. You won’t want to remove them completely yet, but loosen them enough that you can remove the tire with relative ease. Next, find your vehicle’s jack point (consult your owner’s manual) and jack the car up until the tire is about six inches off the road.

From here, you’ll remove the lug nuts and the tire, pulling the latter straight toward you and setting it next to you on the shoulder. Then, line up the spare wheel with the lug nut posts and push it onto the wheel base. Once it’s secure, replace the lug nuts and tighten moderately, lower the vehicle to the ground, remove the jack, and tighten the lug nuts completely.

That should be it! If you have a flat and need a replacement, or if you need inflation and realignment, be sure to stop into Chip Wynn Motors.

2016 Honda CR-V SE Is New Special Edition Trim

2016 Honda CR-V SE
Including destination and other applicable fees, the 2016 Honda CR-V SE will start at $24,395 with front-wheel drive and $25,695 with all-wheel drive. (2015 Honda CR-V pictured here)

The 2015 Honda CR-V wowed customers with a hot new look, an efficient and powerful new engine, and a number of new standard and available features to enhance the driving experience. It also won a whole lot of awards including but not limited to the Today/Motorweek 2015 Compact SUV Challenge winner award, U.S. News & World Report’s 2016 Best Cars for Family award for SUVs, and’s Best Buy award for small SUVs/crossovers.

Honda is upping the ante for the new model year by introducing a new Special Edition trim for the 2016 CR-V. The 2016 CR-V SE will slot in above the LX trim, adding 17-inch alloy wheels with two-tone finish, second-row and rear privacy glass, and a standard security system. Including destination and other applicable fees, the 2016 Honda CR-V SE will start at $24,395 with front-wheel drive and $25,695 with all-wheel drive.

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new SUV, there are none better than the 2016 Honda CR-V.