3 Great Used Off-Road-Ready SUVs

Used Off-Road-Ready SUVs | Paducah, KY | Chip Wynn Motors

When you’re thrill-seeking in Paducah, Kentucky, you need a ride that can handle whatever challenges that our state’s rougher roads bring. Here are three of our favorite used off-road-ready SUVs here at Chip Wynn Motors, to help narrow down your options as you shop for the AWD or 4×4 that fits you best.

Jeep Renegade

Don’t let the petite size and understated façade of the Jeep Renegade fool you. This compact SUV can easily transition from a daily driver to weekend off-roading companion. It has higher ground clearance than other compact SUV rivals like the Honda CR-V and RAV4. The Renegade also beats them in terms of approach, departure, and decent angles. And if you go with the Trailhawk Renegade, you can ford through streams and take advantage of a 20:1 crawl ratio on your adventures.

Toyota 4Runner

One of the few traditional SUVs that deliver truck-based toughness, the Toyota 4Runner is a tried-and-true off-roading SUV. The TRD Pro version of this model is particularly suited for blazing through the backwoods of Kentucky. Recent model years of the 4Runner TRD Pro include features such as Fox shocks, all-terrain tires, TRD-tuned springs, and a TRD roof rack. It also has ample cargo space so you can bring along whatever outdoorsy gear you need.

Land Rover Range Rover

The Ranger Rover embodies the perfect blend of interior luxuries with rugged capabilities. If you go with a 2019 model year or newer, it’s easy to find cabin comforts like leather upholstery, front seats with heating and a massage functions, and quad-zone automatic climate control. And with off-roading features such as a supercharged V8 engine, Terrain Response system, and a locking rear differential, you can be ready to hit the trail at a moment’s notice.

Find the right ride for your outdoor-oriented lifestyle when you stop by Chip Wynn Motors in Paducah, Kentucky.

Best Used Convertibles for Top-Down Summer Driving

Ford Mustang Convertible | Chip Wynn Motors | Paducah, KY

Warm weather is back in Paducah at least, and so it’s peak time once again to head out for a drive with the top down. If that experience sounds right up your alley, these are some of the best convertibles you can find at Chip Wynn Motors.

Ford Mustang Convertible

There’s no sports car no American or more iconic than the Ford Mustang, which you can get in a super stylish drop top. The Mustang Convertible offers up tons of power and track-tested handling, making it a true dream car for summer days.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

For the past 30 years, folks thinking about two-seat convertible roadsters think about the legendary Mazda MX-5 Miata. Famous for its near-perfect weight balance and agile dynamics, the Mazda MX-5 Miata is also a handsome car that makes a great impression.

MINI Convertible

The MINI Convertible offers plenty of space for up to four people, making it the ultimate road-trip drop-top. You’ll turn heads in Mayfield with this British legend, instantly recognizable for its unique style and a blast to drive thanks to its go-cart handling.


For a luxury top-down experience, try out the BMW Z4. A road-hugging roadster with dual exhaust, the BMW Z4 delivers an exciting drive. Experience a bit of the Autobahn in Paducah, Kentucky — just make sure you keep it within the posted speed limit.

Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

Considered by many to be the ugly duckling of convertibles, the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet is a cult favorite that’s well worth taking a chance on. This convertible SUV is no longer in production, but there are still plenty of models on the used market. While most top-down cars are responsive sports models with powerful engines, the Murano CrossCabriolet has standard all-wheel drive.

You’ve got tons of options when it comes to the best used convertibles, and you’ll find a lot of them in stock at Chip Wynn Motors in Paducah. Whether you’re down the street or coming in from Mayfield or Murray, check out our selection and see for yourself.

3 of the Best Used Cars for College Students

Best Used Vehicles for College Students | Chip Wynn Motors | Paducah, KY

Whether you’re a student at the University of Kentucky, Murray State University, or West Kentucky Community and Technical College, reliable transportation can be a big help. Getting a car you can count on for your weekend trips home doesn’t have to break the bank — especially when you shop at Chip Wynn Motors in Paducah, Kentucky. Here, you’ll find some of the best used cars for college students, and all at affordable prices you’ll love.

Volkswagen Golf

Are you ready to spell driving fun G-O-L-F with a capital VW? The Volkswagen Golf has a reputation for bringing its A-game when it comes to style, comfort, and smooth-handling performance. With a pre-owned Golf, you’ll also get good fuel economy that’ll help you save money at the pump.

Chevrolet Equinox

Want to be the life of the party? The Chevrolet Equinox brings balance into your life with plenty of seating capacity and space to accommodate your active lifestyle. Chevy Equinox SUVs are also stylish and efficient, giving you plenty of standout appeal whether you’re cruising around Paducah, Murray, or Mayfield.

Nissan Versa

The Nissan Versa offers one of the best values going on the market today with an incredibly affordable starting price. A quality pre-owned Versa like what you might find at Chip Wynn Motors offers even more savings, as well as modern technologies like easy-to-use smartphone connectivity.

If you’re a student looking for a great new-to-you ride, you’ve got no shortage of options to choose from. And you’ll find a lot of those wonderful options right here at Chip Wynn Motors in Paducah, Kentucky.

Signs That You Need New Tires

Signs That You Need New Tires | Chip Wynn Motors | Paducah, KY

Tires are a crucial component of vehicle performance and your safety on the go. As you drive around the Murray, Mayfield, and Paducah areas in your daily driver from Chip Wynn Motors, be on the lookout for these tell-tale signs that you need new tires:

Worn tire tread

If your tires are balding, you run the risk of losing traction and thus control of your vehicle. If the tires fail the classic penny test (when you can see Lincoln’s head), it’s time for new tires.

Loss of air pressure

If your tires continue to lose air pressure despite refilling, you likely have a leak. If patching the tire doesn’t do the trick, you will need to replace the leaky tires.

Uneven tire tread wear

If your tires are not wearing evenly, this could be a sign that your wheels are misaligned, your tires aren’t properly inflated, or your vehicle may even have damaged suspension parts. Whatever the case, you may need to replace some tires earlier than others if this happens.

How to get the most mileage out of your tires

To make your tires last, make sure they are always properly inflated. Get regular tire rotations to ensure even wear on all four tires and get regular wheel alignments when you go in for service.

If you’re not sure what kind of tires your new vehicle needs, you can ask the experts at Chip Wynn Motors in Paducah, Kentucky. We’re also your primary destination for high-quality used vehicles, so visit us when you’re on the market for a great new-to-you ride.

4 Great Spots to See Wildflowers Near Paducah, KY

Wildflowers near Paducah | Chip Wynn Motors | Paducah, KY

As spring weather approaches, Kentucky’s fields begin to blossom with color and life. It’s the perfect time of year to take a road trip in a newly purchased used vehicle from Chip Wynn. These spots are all a comfortable driving distance from Paducah, Kentucky, and make a lovely destination for a romantic spring date or a family escape among the wildflowers.

Land Between the Lakes

If you’re looking for a quick afternoon trip, make a short drive to Land Between the Lakes. You’ll find a gorgeous field of clover along Forest Service Road 113. Planted for butterflies and bees, this pretty field stands out in the sunshine with a bold pop of red color.

Lavender Hills of Kentucky

Brooksville is home to Kentucky’s first commercial lavender farm. Although the Lavender Hills of Kentucky doesn’t really count as wildflowers, this is still a glorious spot to enjoy a nicely scented picnic in warmer temps.

Garrard County

As you make your way towards eastern Kentucky for some more wildflower sightseeing, you’re sure to pass some unexpected fields of beauty. Garrard County, for example, has served as many a photographer’s subject with its bright fields of flowers on Route 34.

Marion County

Stop through Marion County while you’re out to grab a colorful selfie with the Butterweed in Marion County. You’ll find a field of the yellow flowers on KY 289 close to New Market Bridge.

Spring isn’t just a great time to see wildflowers near Paducah — it’s a great time to swap out your old ride for something newer. Visit Chip Wynn and check out of huge selection of great pre-owned vehicles.

4 Must-Read Books for Car Lovers

Books for Car Lovers | Chip Wynn Motors | Paducah, KY

There’s no bad time to catch up on some reading. If you love cars, there’s no shortage of great options about the auto world. Here are some of our favorite books to help expand your knowledge about cars.

Car Guys vs. Bean Counters: The Battle for the Soul of American Business

If you’ve ever wondered about the automotive business, this is the read for you. Author Bob Lutz is a columnist for Road & Track and writes about his time working at General Motors.

Going Faster! Mastering the Art of Race Driving

This work by Carl Lopez is a good book for drivers who are itching to go a little faster. With fundamentals Straight from Skip Barber Racing School, you’ll learn how to drive fast with confidence. Though if you really want to wow at your next amateur track outing, you should seek the instruction of a professional.

The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel

If you’d rather enjoy cars from a fictional perspective, consider pickup up a copy of this New York Times bestseller by Garth Stein. Or celebrate Read an eBook Week with the Kindle edition.

Erich Strenger and Porsche: A Graphical Report

Fans of Porsche will love this recent publication, which explores the history of Porsche’s previous in-house graphic designer and photographer Erich Strenger. You’ll learn lots and get to drool over pictures from during Strenger’s time from the 1950s to the 1980s.

You can pick up plenty of great books for car lovers as audiobooks and enjoy them from the comfort of a new-to-you car. If you’re in the market for a high-quality used ride, shop with confidence at Chip Wynn Motors in Paducah, Kentucky.

5 of the Best Used Trucks for Towing

Best Used Trucks for Towing | Paducah, KY | Chip Wynn Motors

Are you looking for a reliable, durable used truck with the towing power and capability for hauling your boat, trailer, or camper on your adventures in and around Paducah, Kentucky? Check out one of these quality used trucks below, available now at Chip Wynn Motors.

  • Ford F-150: This continues to be America’s favorite pickup truck — as it has been for over 40 years. Check out the 2014 model for up to 11,300 pounds of towing.
  • Dodge Ram 3500: Ram has since become its own brand, but this truck was powerful even under the Dodge badge. This heavy-duty truck could tow over 16,000 pounds when properly equipped on the 2009 model.
  • Chevrolet Avalanche: Another now discontinued nameplate, the Avalanche shared its platform with SUVs like the Suburban and Tahoe, which meant it had great amenities in addition to 8,100 pounds of towing power (2011 model).
  • GMC Sierra 1500: Add a dash of luxury to your used truck experience. The 2012 Sierra 1500 model will net you up to 10,700 pounds of towing capacity.
  • Chevrolet Colorado: The Colorado and its GMC Canyon reinvented the midsize pickup truck segment when they debuted halfway through the last decade. Get the 2016 model with a diesel engine for 7,700 pounds of towing capacity.

If you’re looking for an affordable used pickup truck that can pull its weight, look no further than Paducah’s own Chip Wynn Motors. We constantly get new inventory, so we’re sure to have a truck that you’re bound to love.

At-Home Date Night Ideas in Paducah, KY

At-Home Date Night Ideas | Paducah, KY | Chip Wynn Motors

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but COVID-19 still has many of us stuck at home. That’s why we’ve come up with some ideas for an at-home date night that will help you rekindle the romance, even if you can’t have your usual special night out on the town in Paducah, Kentucky:

  • Make a homemade drive-in: You may not get as much use out of your used daily (maybe now weekly?) driver from Chip Wynn Motors, but now you can climb inside with your significant other, hang a sheet in the garage, and play a movie on it with a projector for your own at-home drive-in theater. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  • Cook dinner together: Eating a delicious meal out is great, but you may enjoy your dinner even more if you and your special someone cook it together. Try a recipe neither of you has ever made before to keep it challenging.
  • Go camping — in the living room: Built a blanket fort like you’re kids again and have an indoor picnic. Tell ghost stories and make s’mores in the microwave.
  • Go dancing: Dust off the old record player and put on your favorite dance tunes. Set the scene with mood lighting, dress up nice, and dance the night away.

Even if you’re staying at home this Valentine’s Day, you can make the most of it with a memorable date night at home. If you want a special ride for the occasion, check out the wide selection of great used vehicles at Chip Wynn Motors in Paducah, Kentucky.

5 Must-Have Winter Car Accessories

Winter Car Accessories | Chip Wynn Motors | Paducah, KY

Enduring the cold winters here in Paducah, Kentucky, means we need to be ready for any emergency on the road. We face snow, ice, and freezing cold weather each winter, but we can stay safe on the go by packing our cars with these must-have winter car accessories:

  • Ice scrapers and snow brushes: When your windshield is covered in ice or snow, you won’t be going anywhere without one of these handy. That is, of course, unless you have a…
  • Windshield cover: Place one of these over your windshield to protect it from ice and snow. When you’re ready to leave, simply remove the cover.
  • Blankets, hats, and gloves: Just in case you become stranded, you should have some blankets, hats, and gloves in the trunk for warmth. Bonus: If you pack several cheap sets, you can also hand these out when you see a homeless person in need.
  • Jumper cables: Batteries are more prone to dying in the winter. Don’t find yourself stranded without the ability to restart your vehicle — or help a neighbor in need.
  • Tire pressure gauge: If your used car does not have a tire pressure monitor, you should invest in a gauge and check your tire pressure before each trip to ensure you have proper inflation.

If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle to get through the winter and beyond it, stop into Chip Wynn Motors in Paducah, Kentucky. We’ve got an incredible selection of high-quality pre-owned vehicles from the brands you love and trust.

Best Used Vehicles for Pets

Best used Vehicle For Pets | Chip Wynn Motors | Paducah, KY

Dogs and cats are part of our family, so when buying a used car, it’s important to consider their needs as well as our own. That means not only looking for family-friendly, but also pet-friendly, features that keep your four-legged friend comfortable and safe, whether on a short drive to the dog park or a long road trip to visit family. (We all — pets included — need a road trip this winter or spring more than ever to get out of the house, after all!)

Something spacious with great safety features should do the trick. More specifically, look for a used vehicle that has plenty of room in the backseat, where your animal should ride for safety. Flat-fold seats mean more room for larger dogs. You should also consider a vehicle with a low floor for easier entry and larger door or back hatch opening, especially if you need to load in a travel crate for your cat.

Some of the best used vehicles for pets are minivans, like the Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna, or crossovers, like the Subaru Forester (Subaru is known for being the automaker that most seriously considers pet safety) or Subaru Crosstrek.

Large SUVs like the Kia Telluride or Chevy Suburban are even better for big breeds. If you are looking for something smaller, we recommend the Kia Optima with anti-soil cloth upholstery or the Honda Fit with the big back hatch.

And where can you find some of the best used vehicles for pets? Where else but Chip Wynn Motors in Paducah, Kentucky. No matter your needs or your budget, we’re confident you’ll find a vehicle you’ll love a lot on our lot.