3 Great Used Off-Road-Ready SUVs

Used Off-Road-Ready SUVs | Paducah, KY | Chip Wynn Motors

When you’re thrill-seeking in Paducah, Kentucky, you need a ride that can handle whatever challenges that our state’s rougher roads bring. Here are three of our favorite used off-road-ready SUVs here at Chip Wynn Motors, to help narrow down your options as you shop for the AWD or 4×4 that fits you best.

Jeep Renegade

Don’t let the petite size and understated façade of the Jeep Renegade fool you. This compact SUV can easily transition from a daily driver to weekend off-roading companion. It has higher ground clearance than other compact SUV rivals like the Honda CR-V and RAV4. The Renegade also beats them in terms of approach, departure, and decent angles. And if you go with the Trailhawk Renegade, you can ford through streams and take advantage of a 20:1 crawl ratio on your adventures.

Toyota 4Runner

One of the few traditional SUVs that deliver truck-based toughness, the Toyota 4Runner is a tried-and-true off-roading SUV. The TRD Pro version of this model is particularly suited for blazing through the backwoods of Kentucky. Recent model years of the 4Runner TRD Pro include features such as Fox shocks, all-terrain tires, TRD-tuned springs, and a TRD roof rack. It also has ample cargo space so you can bring along whatever outdoorsy gear you need.

Land Rover Range Rover

The Ranger Rover embodies the perfect blend of interior luxuries with rugged capabilities. If you go with a 2019 model year or newer, it’s easy to find cabin comforts like leather upholstery, front seats with heating and a massage functions, and quad-zone automatic climate control. And with off-roading features such as a supercharged V8 engine, Terrain Response system, and a locking rear differential, you can be ready to hit the trail at a moment’s notice.

Find the right ride for your outdoor-oriented lifestyle when you stop by Chip Wynn Motors in Paducah, Kentucky.